December 24, 2016

Here`s hoping y`all have a great day with family and friends. Remember the reason for the season, and take a moment to think about the men and women on duty around the world. They are away from their families so you can be with yours.

Twas the Night before Christmas
An ode to bikers everywhere.

Twas the night before Christmas; us boys and our bikes,
Thought we`d take a quick spin, to see the Christmas lights.
So we bundled up warmly, to ward off the cold,
And revved up our engines and onward we rolled.
I on my Harley, in my leathers all black,
Had just set out riding, just me, and the pack,
With the others behind me, we rode double file,
On the near empty highway for less than a mile,
When up from behind us, there came such a racket,
It was a fat guy, on a Harley, in a red leather jacket;
His lid was red too, trimmed with a white flash,
A fat guy on that machine - he cut quite a dash.
He didn`t have reindeer, or helpers, like elves,
Santa Biker rode solo, delivering by himself.
He rode like a madman, with presents galore,
Strapped down with elastics, panniers, tank bag and more.
He had lights on his helmet, a dark tinted visor,
Grabbed a fist full of brake and stopped right beside us,
He lifted his visor, looked us straight in the eyes,
"Have you all been good bikers? Do you want a surprise?"
He opened a pannier, his eyes twinkled with glee,
As he withdrew a neat parcel and then gave to me,
The thing that I wished for, and wanted all year,
A new set of gauntlets, essential biker gear!
I heard him exclaim, as he sped into the night,
"Merry Christmas to all, stay safe and upright!"